At Operation HOPE we work to bring all of Life's Basics to People around the world with no regard for race, tribe, nation, religion, or any other factor. Our Mission is simple: Provide Food, Water & Training To All Those In Need So They May Themselves Be Equipped & Empowered To Have Life's Basics Locally Where They Live.

In accomplishing this Mission, we Drill Fresh Water Wells, Provide Water Filtration, Supply & Teach People How To Raise Food Crops Suited For Their Locale, Supply & Teach People How To Breed & Raise Farm Animals Which Will Supply Milk, Eggs, & Meat For Themselves & Their Communities, Supply & Teach People How To Raise & Harvest Healthy Fish From Their Own Local System, & Provide Training In Crucial Areas Of Health & Personal Hygiene, Sanitation, Food Storage As Well As Many, Many Additional Life Skills Required For Healthy Lives.

As You View The Operation HOPE Website, You Will Find Examples Of Ways Which You Can Help Provide Life-Saving Food, Water, & Training To Starving People Around The World

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